Adoption Information

The requested fees collected from the adoption of each animal helps to offset some of the costs involved in providing care for the animals and preparing an animal for placement into a new home.

NOTE: At the time of scheduling a meet and greet we do require a non-refundable deposit of $25 for Felines and $50 for Canines to hold your appointment, the deposit will go towards the adoption once finalized.

Adoption Fees 

KittensUnder 2 Yrs old $125.00
Cats2 Yrs to 7 Yrs old $85.00
Senior Cats7 Yrs & Up $50.00
Puppies8wks – 2 Yrs old $400.00
Dog Small Breeds (Under 15 lbs)2 Yr Old – 7 Yrs  $350.00
Dog Medium/Large Breeds2 Yr Old – 7 Yrs $300.00
Senior Dogs7 Yrs & Up $150.00

Little Beans Orphan Ark requests a non-fundable adoption fee that covers some or all of the following- veterinary care, spay/neuter(age-appropriate), vaccines (age-appropriate), deworming medication, flea and tick treatment (if needed), canine heartworm (age-appropriate) test, or feline leukemia test (that are age-appropriate), microchip, a folder with all medical records and adoption contract, and a gift bag with a starter bag of food. We can not and do not warranty the health or breed of an animal. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason. Little Beans Orphan Ark's policy is to place each of our rescued animals in a home that suits their needs and yours.

Once the animal is placed from our rescue, the animal cannot be sold, given away, or otherwise transferred from the signing Adopter. If the Adopter at any time is unable to keep or continue the care for the animal for any reason, the Adopter MUST contact Little Beans Ophan Ark to make arrangements to return the animal. We reserve the right to manage the adoption and all decisions concerning the animal.

Please request a pre-adoption application to begin (your pre-application will be reviewed for preliminary approval only)- to help us get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle. We look forward to helping match you with your new family member.