About Us

I am experienced with over 20 years of raising orphans, of all life forms. My goal is to start a rescue for babies in need to provide love, comfort, and medical attention needed to get them into forever homes.

Certification and Courses in:

  • Managing Shelter Health
  • Adopters Are Out There! Market Your Way Out Of Space Crises
  • ASPCA Cornell Maddie’s Virtual- Shelter Medicine Conference for Caring This Much Is Exhausting
  • How to Promote Your Shelter Adoptables
  • Infection Control Lessons from the Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Canine Fostering 101
  • Engaging Volunteers
  • How To Encourage Good Behavior in Shelter Dogs
  • Loin Tamer Training
  • Caring for Orphaned kittens
  • Canine Body Language
  • Key Strategies for Prevention and Management of Parvovirus Infections in Cats and Dogs
  • Animal Shelter and Rescue Law and Liability

Our Mission

Our Mission at Little Beans Orphan Ark Rescue is to make sure every orphan is loved as if their mother was still there with them. We want to provide help for animals in high-kill shelters, lost or needing assistance. To provide food, water, shelter, vaccines, spay/neuter, along with other medical needs, and find forever loving homes. To provide our community with help in the endless efforts to TNR, provide shelters and food to the feral colonies, along with relocating when needed.